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Tech product marketing shouldn't be complicated

When developers and tech CEOs get excited about their products, they use language that leaves average people scratching their heads. The digital world we live and work in means we’re all surrounded by high-tech products. But for most of us, how these things work is much less interesting than what they can do for us.

"What can it do for me?"

People are solution-driven. Usefulness and efficiency are the measures of the tools we use, not Mbps or GHz. Selling a tech product, whether it’s software, hardware or a combination of both, it’s important to remember that your audience is most interested in what it can do for them. How it works, how it’s built and even how much it costs are secondary concerns. Your future customers are the people who want what your product can do. They have a problem your product can solve, so when you’re talking to them, it’s their story you should focus on, not yours.

There’s a strong connection between marketing and product/market fit. If you’re talking with your customers the right way, creating a dialogue with them, you’re much more likely to tune your product to meet their needs. This idea is the core principle of content-based marketing.

Content marketing is a channel for communication, not advertising. Advertisements tell people about your product, but they don’t create a space for the audience to tell you about themselves. The comments sections on your blog and social media pages are some of the most useful tools you have to build a relationship with your customers.

Content marketing creates a community around your brand. They're interested in what you have to say because you're listening to what they need.

  • Offer your audience useful resources and information they can use for free.

  • Encourage your audience to tell you about the challenges they face.

  • Talk about the solutions your products offer.

It's all about the users.

Understanding the personas of your customers is vitally important. If you know who they are and really understand the challenges they face, you’ll be able to show them how useful your product will be. The most impressively designed, beautifully crafted piece of technology is very hard to sell if people don’t understand how it can make their lives better or make their business more profitable.

Hi, I’m Emmanuel Marshall.

I create marketing campaigns that deliver useful, inspiring content to target audiences. I help businesses build communities around their brands and generate qualified leads. Let’s talk about how I can help you grow your business.

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