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Sharing information is the future of marketing.

There’s a realisation amongst innovative businesspeople that traditional advertising is losing its impact. People hate advertising online. We scroll through our newsfeeds to be entertained and get useful information that can help us achieve our goals. Nobody wants to be assaulted by a parade of intrusive, flickering adverts that suck up our bandwidth and clog up our screens.

In the contemporary marketplace, good marketing means giving people something they really want, with your message folded around it. It should be like getting a gift; they open it delightedly and then notice your message printed on the inside of the wrapping paper.

Have you considered content marketing?

The online customer is increasingly hard to reach with traditional advertising, but storytelling and informative content creates relationships and draws followers to your brand. A study conducted by Demand Metric found that content marketing generates three times as many leads as online ads, and it actually costs 62% less. Marketing research shows that the online audience, particularly millennials, respond positively to content marketing but make negative associations with brands that use intrusive advertising like banners and pop-ups. The future of marketing is to give your audience something useful and thought-provoking that they enjoy reading. That way, when you present your product, they already have a positive relationship with you.

I’m Emmanuel Marshall.

I make marketing campaigns for my clients that deliver useful information to their target audiences. I help businesses build communities around their brands that promote SEO and generate qualified leads. The digital marketing work I’ve done for clients like Motorola Solutions, Sarz Sanctuary, MailGuard and Uncloak has earned them international press coverage and increased their web traffic.

Let’s talk about how I can help you grow your business.


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