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Content marketing 101: useful info = new customers.

Search results drive web traffic, and web traffic equals new customers.

In my last article, I talked about the way smart businesses use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get their websites in front of new users. In this article I'll explain how sharing useful, engaging content online can boost your SEO and help get you closer to the top of the Google results.

The more links that point to your website from high authority, high traffic domains, the higher your website will climb in Google search results.

Getting links to your website can be accomplished in two main ways:

  • paid advertising, &

  • content marketing.

Paid advertising will get your brand in front of people’s eyeballs, but it’s not permanent.

The huge advantage of content marketing is that it promotes permanent links to your website that will be recognised by Google and count toward your search ranking.

Marketing that people don't hate.

Most people say they hate internet advertising. Content marketing is all about giving people useful and entertaining information they'll actually want to look at. Unlike advertising, it doesn’t intrude into their browsing experience; it enhances it. A few examples of good marketing content are:

  • articles about current trends,

  • interviews with industry leaders,

  • how-to guides and educational material.

The most potent feature of content marketing is its potential to promote sharing and linking. To get noticed by high authority websites and get them to link to your content, you need to have material that will be interesting and useful to them and their audience. If you publish articles that people will want to read, you have the best chance of getting the attention of the sort of websites that can boost your SEO by linking to you.

Here’s a simple example of the way content marketing works:

  1. You publish an article on your company blog talking about a new product you’re launching and the way it will benefit its users.

  2. You send a press release to industry journals in your category, talking about the article and encouraging them to share it on their website.

  3. High traffic websites are always hungry for new content, so if you offer them free material, they will often use it.

  4. An industry journal posts an article sharing your news and linking to your blog.

In this example, you’ve made two wins:

  • you get an immediate spike in traffic from the industry journal’s link, &

  • in the longer term, that link will also boost your ranking with Google.

Content marketing can influence your online stature in ways that conventional advertising can’t, like building your brand’s credibility and making you the centre of an online community. Data released by Demand Metric shows that content marketing generates more leads than advertising and it actually costs less.

Content marketing is a wise investment.

Content marketing statistics.

When you’re looking at ways to spend your marketing budget better, it’s worth considering the different impacts of advertising and content marketing.

  • An advertisement appears as a distraction to a web user, something they want to filter out. And even if your advertising gets clicks, as soon as you stop spending money, your ads disappear, and your traffic dries up.

  • Content marketing gets the attention of your audience by offering them useful information. Not only will it be a magnet to attract users to your site, but it will also encourage other sites to share your message, thereby lifting your ranking in search results.

  • Unlike ads, marketing content is an investment; you pay for it once, and it’s there forever, bringing traffic to your brand.

Content marketing works on three fronts, building the credibility of your business, cultivating links from high authority websites, and enhancing your website’s SEO.

If you’re aiming for that coveted spot on Google’s page 1, content-driven SEO is the strategy for success.

Hi, I’m Emmanuel Marshall.

I create marketing campaigns that deliver useful, inspiring content to target audiences. I help businesses build communities around their brands and generate qualified leads. Let’s talk about how I can help grow your business.

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